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Business Networking: The Familiarity Principle

By Nate Houstman | July 4, 2018

Building familiarity in marketing or business networking is a powerful strategy. Its aim is to earn trust with potential customers, although it takes time to pay off. Other sales gurus may call it persistence, but that suggests aggression and pushiness. Familiarity is gentler; it politely reminds your prospects, “yes, I’m here,” and primes them for … Read more

GeneratePress Sites And Elementor

By Nate Houstman | June 21, 2018

GeneratePress Sites is a collection of pre-made demo websites included in the premium version of the GeneratePress theme. Combined with the Elementor plugin, this is a fast and intuitive tool for making a professional site. Earlier this year, I shared a tutorial series on YouTube focusing on the Astra theme and its Astra Sites feature. … Read more

GDPR Is Here! Resources For The Shakeup

By Nate Houstman | May 30, 2018

Europe’s GDPR legislation went into effect May 24th. Its main targets are huge tech giants including Google and Facebook. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, it still matters.

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New Pricing For OceanWP Theme

By Nate Houstman | March 5, 2018

I hadn’t checked out the OceanWP theme for a few months because I was busy with my tutorial series on Astra. OceanWP changed the pricing of its premium extensions bundle. $39 for a single site license, $79 for 3 sites, and $129 for unlimited sites. This is similar to the pricing of the Elementor page … Read more

Gutenberg: Making WordPress Easier For All

By Nate Houstman | January 3, 2018

Project Gutenberg is the landmark effort to make page design easier in WordPress websites. It’s meant for users who are new to the platform, or website creation in general, and is part of WordPress’ ongoing quest to “democratize the web.” Professional web designers, agencies, and software developers who are invested in WordPress debate whether it … Read more

Be A Consultant: 3 Videos To Help You Start

By Nate Houstman | December 28, 2017

Here is another set of YouTube videos by the experts. I typed “consulting business marketing” and watched the top three results. I feel consulting is an important business to be in, because any paid profession can market itself as consulting. Marketing gurus and life coaches are obvious examples, but earlier this year I wondered whether … Read more

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OceanWP Part 2- A Worthwhile Package of Upgrades

By Nate Houstman | November 5, 2017

As promised, here is Part 2 of my review of OceanWP, a feature-rich and affordable WordPress theme. In Part 1, I told you about the free version, which was already packed with design options. Now, I present the paid upgrades. The Core Extensions Bundle costs $79.00 for a 1-year license, and includes add-ons that can … Read more

OceanWP Part 1- The Free, Do-Anything Theme For WordPress

By Nate Houstman | September 15, 2017

OceanWP is a no-cost WordPress theme with a huge range of design options, plus paid upgrades available for even more power. Using it, one can make a beautiful custom website without programming or coding. It’s one of a new breed of “blank canvas” themes intended to work with “page builder” plug-ins. In this article, I … Read more

Book Review: "Badass Your Brand" by Pia Silva, a Guide for Entrepreneurs

By Nate Houstman | June 12, 2017

Badass Your Brand: The Impatient Entrepreneur’s Guide For Turning Expertise Into Profit, by Pia Silva, is a how-to book directed at small businesses and freelancers. Specifically, these businesses sell services and want to secure clients without networking and pitching proposals that never work out. The case studies feature Silva herself, plus business owners in her circle including … Read more

Deadbeat Super Affiliate: 10 Free Website Traffic Sources

By Nate Houstman | May 18, 2017

Curating other people’s content is an easy way to fill up your own blog. Just be sure to give credit to the original source. Here, the host of YouTube channel Deadbeat Super Affiliate shares 10 free website traffic sources. His particular aim is affiliate marketing, but you can still benefit if your website has a … Read more